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Monday, February 19, 2007

One more thing...

I am absolutely hooked on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for XBOX. It is a sick, sick game. I'm not a big fan of games like this. I didn't like the X-Men game and I didn't like the JLA game of similar design, but this game is awesome. There are 20+ playable characters, the storyline is interesting and I got used to the over the top view. I didn't like some of the puzzles, most were way too stupid to be any fun and asided from some of the major villains, most of Marvel's villains are lame. I'm not saying DC has the market cornered on bad guys, but come on. Rhino and Shocker show up twice in the game. These guys aren't exactly what you'd call 'Heavy Hitters." Why not use two other Spidey villains? Maybe hype the upcoming movie? Use a Daredevil villain(now, he's got a Rogues Gallery). I guess Stilt-Man and The Oddball weren't returning phone calls the week the game went into production.


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