You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

If anyone can guess the "film" that my blog references, you get a free care package from South Korea. No cheating and using Google or IMDB. I'll know.

Chicago has decided it won't make it easy for me to leave.

Last week, I got a jury duty notice for 8/16 and this week, I entered my final battle with People's Energy. It seems in order for me to stop being billed, they have to actually turn off my gas instead of just not sending me bills. So, they have to arrive at a time that the martial arts training center I live above is open and shut off the gas to my apartment. I feel slightly sorry for the two girls who are moving into my building, but hey, People's Energy is their nightmare now.

The guy who runs the martial arts training center still plans on going to Daegu in October. If ever there was a case of this being a small world. He moved in a few months after I did(replacing one of the seediest dollar stores in the city) and we became fairly friendly neighbors. A month or two ago, I informed him of my decision to move to Daegu, South Korea. He was stunned. He planned to visit Daegu in the next few months for training purposes. Now, we're planning on getting together. I'm sure that after a month of culture shock, I'll need to see a large, friendly American face.

Link of the day:

I may never get my name on IMDB, but if I do, this is what I want my photo to look like.


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