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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good news and bad news....

Good news. I'm healthy and the weather is beautiful.

Bad news. I ate this. I ate it when I was sick and I only had about a 1/4 of a bag. All the research I've been able to do indicates that while melamine is poison, it doesn't effect adults nearly as much as it does children. I feel fine. My kidneys are fine. Since I ate it when I was sick, I was drinking gallons of hot tea every day. It was probably flushed out of my system before any real damage had been done. Hopefully. Either way, the Chinese have tried to kill me. I'm 90% sure I can put this on my resume.

Su-jin's birthday was a fairly tame affair. We went out for dinner. She got presents. We went out for coffee. She got cake. A competition for my affection has started. It's Su-jin vs. her dog, Dalong. Whenever I visit Su-jin's apartment, Dalong essentially attaches herself to me and won't let go until it's either time to eat or I make my escape. However, Su-jin will always win.

School was insanely tame this week. Tuesday's classes were canceled for a test. Thursday's classes were canceled for an ice skating trip. Then, on Friday we gave a reading and speaking test. I played a Mr. Bean video for the last few minutes and asked questions about it.

Everything is coming up Matt this week! Well, except the poison.


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