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Saturday, April 19, 2008

This Thursday was Kyung su's birthday. We went out. We drank too much. I'm not going to say this was the worst hangover of my life, but, dammit, it sure felt like it. Work on Friday wasn't so much about English, but about stopping myself from vomitting on the children. We didn't alter anything and I suffered through it. I'm a better man for it. I know that I won't possibly drink like that again on a school night.

It started out as a normal night for the two of us. Korean BBQ followed by rock music and drink at a local tap called U2. Around midnight, some of the bartenders friends showed up and we turned everything up a notch. His friends were three french contractors(not complete assholes) and a Korean guy that looked like he would sell my kidneys on the black market. The Korean guy is actually really friendly and speaks perfect English. He also thinks highly of me since I'm easy to understand in English(I've learned how to speak to people whose first language isn't English) and I always attempt Korean.

Work was an effort and my co-teachers were absolutely brutal. They knew I was hung over and did their best to make my day excruciating. Loud noises, clapping, laughing, asking me questions. The works. All on purpose. God bless them. I think you know you've arrived when people bust your chops all day long.

Other news...I might be meeting Su-jin's mom on the 10th. She has to confirm everything with her doctor first and then she'll get me out of the way. I'm not really nervous. I might even buy a new tie. Not that I can tie it, but maybe I can show up wearing it as a headband. That would be pretty sweet.

The baseball blog is going better than I could have hoped. I'm getting a fairly positive response from the five guys that read it. Score!


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