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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No sooner did I get back to Korea, than this happened.

Korea's National Treasure #1 was badly damaged in a fire. The Namdaemun Gate has stood for over 600 years. Its withstood invasion, hardship and war, but it can't withstand one angry dickbag with a grudge.

I've only driven past the Gate in a taxi. I never stopped to take a closer look. I wish I had. It was an impressive sight, even from the taxicab window.

My first reaction was concern. I found myself thinking, "Please, anyone but a white guy." I probably would have been deported on the spot. It turns out it was an old Korean guy who was angry at the government over a land dispute.

The finger pointing has already begun. First, at the government for lax security at the landmark. Then, the fire department for not reacting appropriately(If The Capitol Building were on fire, I'm not sure I'd react appropriately either). It looks like the President-Elect is also taking some of the blame. The only person that isn't being blamed is the guy with the lighter, paint thinner and the ladder. I don't care how much money the government "owed" this guy. Burning down the countrys' most valued landmark is not an acceptable reaction. Here's hoping we get through the legal process quickly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My reaction was the same...I hope it is not an American or some foreign guy.

2:24 PM  

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