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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We had another school party.

This time it was to welcome the new teachers. We went to a Galbi(pork ribs) restaurant around 5. Everyone got hammered. Soju was all over the place. Another bottle was always at arms reach. The party lasted until around 7 or 730.

A large group of teachers went to a singing room after. I tagged along. I did 2 1/2 songs. The first two were in English, the third Korean. Yeah, that's right I sang a Korean language rock song(with help from one of my co-teachers). How many people can put that on their resume? Not many.

Speaking of my co-teachers, I'm a little worried. Last semester, I was allowed to do whatever I wanted. Meaning, I never opened the silly book. I used it as a guide to tell me what words and phrases the kids needed to learn, but other than that, I never bothered with it. Now, it's all these people want to do. This is going to be a year long battle.

In other news, I've joined with these guys. Watch, I get blacklisted and deported. I know, I'm notoriously anti-union. In the US, they're bloated, corrupt and a drag on the economy. Here, we actually need a voice to represent us. Most foreigners here don't want special treatment, we just want equal treatment under Korean law. I don't think its asking too much to be treated like everyone else. The only part of their platform I disagree with is their idea for flexible visas. There's no way it wouldn't be abused.


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