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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today was probably the most surprising day I have had in Korea.

My winter camps started this week. I have four classes a day. All of them are in the morning. In the afternoon, I stick around the office for a few hours prepping the next days lessons and generally dicking around.

My fifth grade class is essentially a crazy hagwon style class. We started class with a fist fight on Tuesday. I had to march two boys to the principal's office. They spent the next twenty minutes cleaning and were then allowed back into the class(after a thorough inspection by the vice principal). The problem with them is that the boys all speak fairly good English. So, the girls are afraid to speak. This class is a battle. I had LIKE flashbacks all week. I still fight the good fight. I'm like Andy Dufrense. Except without the prison time.....and the sodomy.

My second, third and fourth grade classes are an absolute pleasure. The kids show up, pay attention and work hard. I think their parents are slipping them ritalin in their breakfast.

Which brings me to the surprising part. After I said my good-byes to the third grade class, one of the parents appeared in my doorway. She told me her son(name withheld for confidentiality purposes) really enjoyed my class. She said he thinks its interesting and easy. She said this in very good English. I was stunned. I was fully expecting a list of atrocities and reasons why I suck. The second grade class was a blur. I'm not used to praise. The Kim's threw compliments like manhole covers at LIKE and feedback at public school doesn't exist. As long as my class in English, no one really cares.

The third grade class is essentially a "verb and structure of the day" class. We start with a verb(today's was "need"), introduce a structure and add vocabulary as needed. For example....

"He feels cold. What does he need?"
"He needs a jacket."

All of my handouts are found here. Everyone speaks and everyone writes. So far, I believe everyone is on the same page.

I also got the chance to flex my pissed off muscles this week. For some reason, they put all of next year's text books in the teacher's lunchroom. I happen to be using the lunchroom for my class because I was kicked out of the "multi-purpose room" for the ping-pong team. My room is now half full of boxes. It went something like this....

Matt: Why are there boxes in my room?
Woman: They are textbooks.
Matt: I know. WHY are they in my room?
Woman: They are textbooks. (Confidence starting to waiver)
Woman: We put them there.
Matt: I'm using that room for class. Can we put them somewhere else?
Woman: Do you want another room?
Matt: I don't care.
Woman: I don't know if we have another room.
Matt: I'm using this room for class. Why did you put boxes in it?
Woman: They are textbooks. (No confidence at this point)
Matt: Great way to start my (expletive) day. Great (expletive) way.

Matt leaves before he starts screaming. Woman is relieved and surprised that he gave up so quickly.

Links of the day....

Check out the baseball blog. There have been a few new posts and someone left a spam comment for a gay porn website. I have arrived.

I found this gem last week. I pray no one actually believes this. 50 women sounds a little high. I wonder which hagwon has that in their contract. I have to go smoke marijuana with my Korean girlfriend now because, you know, that's all foreigners do here. That and nail every Korean girl in sight.


Anonymous Leaf said...

After reading those articles Sellers booked a flight to Korea to teach ESL.

See you soon!

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