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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Nude Year!

I spent the weekend in Busan with Su-jin. We stayed at the Lotte Hotel. I'm gonna tell you something. The Lotte Hotel in Busan is nicer than the Lotte Hotel in Seoul. Seriously, of all the nice hotels we've stayed at, this was the nicest and it had the best location. We were pissing distance from some really great restaurants, shops and bars. Great location. Worth every penny. Much better than the Novocore Ambassador on the ocean. The staff also spoke great English. They should be proud. (Eff you SeaHawk Resort!)

We actually used the Lonely Planet guide. We(Su-jin) found a restaurant in the guide. We tried it and it was excellent. Score one for Lonely Planet.

It was a fairly lazy weekend. I wanted to rest(I still can't adjust to these early starts) and Su-jin didn't object. We did make it to the Busan National University area for coffee and shopping. I bought sunglasses.

Christmas was rather dull. I got McMorning(I also got an awesome Korean Koffee Mug from Mickey D's) and hung out at a pc room until it was time to meet Su-jin for dinner. We went to an overpriced Korean joint, but the food was really good. I should've gotten my lazy ass to a Christmas party. I'll try not to make the same mistake on New Years, although I hate New Years 40x more than Christmas.

I picked up a Japanese baseball game for the 360. It's a cool game, but I can't read a fucking word. No English option on this one. I'm going to attempt an exchange for either Halo 3 or NBA 08 today. I'm totally fucked. Actually, I found an FAQ online that explains most of the menus, but I'm sure I'll never be able to figure out 20% of the game on my own and that bugs me. I can hit a little, but the pitching is too difficult. Bonus points for the shamed pitcher hanging his head every time I let up a homerun(often) and the disgruntled manager that appears to want to leap out of the screen and strangle me.

I miss baseball. Offseason sucks.


Anonymous leaf said...

Get halo 3!

I never thought they were that good, but this game was pretty fun. Especially if you can get on xbox live and play.

our teams got f00ked in the zardoz fantasy playoffs...if slechta wins I am going to lose my shit.

merry new year!

7:07 AM  

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