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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I just finished a massive update with pictures.....and pressed the wrong button. I want to cry.

So, pictures will go up this weekend, assuming I can press the right button. For now quick baseball update. I've had two interesting experiences.

First up, October baseball in Korea. I caught the Samsung Lions/Kia Tigers tilt on Monday. There were maybe 800 people in attendence. I counted 60 in the outfield section and maybe twenty in the section behind homeplate. KBO Fever catch it. It reminded me of White Sox games in the late 90's, except I didn't have a young, short-haired Magglio Ordonez to watch. Actually, the Kia Tigers have recently signed former mediocre MLB slugger Choi Hee-Seop to DH. I forgot how big this guy is. He's about 6'5, 250 lbs. He makes everyone else on the field look like children.

Baseball experience #2 was the Padres/Rockies game last night. I watched this morning at work(I had some free time, I always do on Tuesday) and it was one of the best non-White Sox games I've ever seen. Just from a pure entertainment standpoint, it was baseball at its finest and even culminated with an apropriate ending. I was happy to be watching online, 6,000 miles away. I even forget to stop myself from cheering in the office. Imagine the horror of my coworkers, they're generally milling around, chattering away and out of nowhere is my victory whoop. Followed by a fist pump. If they don't think I'm insane already, they probably do now. Either way, it was a great game and I really can't wait for baseball playoffs. I can watch, Korean, Japanese and American playoffs this year. Awesome.

We had a massive meeting today for all foreign teachers. It was about a program called ABC teach being headed by a Korean-American named "Scott." The program is that I have to call five students from my desk and engage them in a three minute phone conversation twice a week. It's only for two months and this program is doomed to fail miserably, so I'm going to go through the motions and do this until the kids stop answering my calls. Which should take about a week. Problem number one, the kids probably won't understand me. Problem number two, they probably won't care. Problem number three, I have no interest in actually doing this. It takes time away from my class preparation and dicking around. Problem four, this is no way to teach a language. Problem five, I don't have a phone in my office.

I think I have an out. I'm contracted to work 25 hours a week. I already do this, adding this extra "hour" to my schedule puts me into OT. They don't like to give OT. Either they'll drop my adults class or this. I'm betting they drop this.


Anonymous leaf said...

maybe you could arrange a call to your students from Mr. Belding

9:31 AM  
Anonymous the professional said...

YEAH YOU! i'm glad you got to the quarter homeland! NOW GET THOSE pictures up bub!

8:34 AM  

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