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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Like I said. I didn't care for most of the people I was caged with. About half were couples that had little interest in talking to a guy like me. The other half were your typical mix of perverts, weasels and drunks that come to Korea.

I'm going to spend the next year figuring out which category I fall into. Pervert, weasel or drunk.

I willingly hung out with about four of these guys on a regular basis. I had to stay out of my room because I was stuck with an obnoxious religious nutcase and I wanted as little to do with him as possible, so I moved my base of operations down one door.

The rooms were set up so that one person who had been to Korea would look after three guys who had never been to Korea. I had little interest in babysitting, so after the first night I bailed on everyone and just spent time hanging out with people that I didn't mind sharing the same oxygen with.

First up is Larry, aka Jake, aka Shaky, aka The Shake. He's an older Canadien guy, who's a strange dude with a genuinely kind heart. He spent most of the trip busting my chops and farting on people.

Next is Ron, aka RonRon, aka Sporky. He's fresh out of college and is one of the friendliest guys I've met. He also has the healthiest appetite I've ever seen. I could barely finish a plate of food in Pohang, but he could go for seconds and thirds.

Then, theres' Fraser. He looks and talks exactly like Shrek. Well, if Shrek would drink a couple bottles of soju and smoke a dozen cigarettes. He's Scottish and proud of it.

There were two English guys that would also hang out with us. Simon, aka English and Nick aka English Nick. Both like to drink and have wicked senses of humor. Simon is one of the most tolerant people I've ever met.

Hanging out with these guys made my week in hell not seem so bad.


Anonymous kidlee said...

Wait a minute, you hung out with a Canadian???

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