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Saturday, April 21, 2007

So I finally got a haircut. It's essentially the same, but its out of my eyes and a little less anime in the back.

Work was frustrating this week. I think the kids had a week off or something because they were just way too hyper(even for Korean kids) this week. I had two boneheads in one of my middle school classes screwing around and trying to open one of my windows. They would say "Hana, dul, set," and then bump the window. I strictly enforce my "No Korean" rule. They did it three times and I took three tics off of my "Korean-O-Meter." They couldn't understand why I did this and tried to convince me that they were speaking English. I'd rather have them just tell me that they think I'm stupid. Don't bullshit me, just say, "Teacher, you are an idiot." I couldn't believe they honestly thought they could tell me that they were speaking English. Morons. That REALLY burned me up. Please, don't piss in my ear and tell me it's raining.

The Samsung Lions are sitting at 7-5-1 and are 1 1/2 games back in the Korean League. They're top reliever, Oh Seung Hwan, has a save or a W in all of the victories. Entering today, he had an ERA of 0.00. He's pretty good.


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