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Saturday, May 05, 2007

I'm sorry I haven't updated, but I usually watch baseball when I update the blog and it's hard to type when the screen is covered in vomit. The team picture for the White Sox this season should be a frozen turd on top of homeplate. If the team plane crashed on a desert island, they couldn't build a raft out of the bats because if thrown into the ocean, the bats wouldn't hit water.

This might be the worst White Sox lineup I've seen in the last five years. Our outfield the other day was Luis Terrero, Darin Erstad and Rob Mackowiak and our DH is Pablo Ozuna. Yikes. I need to take a break until we get some players back from the disabled list. However, I will be watching more Brewers games this year. First team to 20 wins and the best record in baseball. Go Brew Crew!!! I'm one more good month away from ordering a jersey.

The Samsung Lions have been equally putrid. Oh Seung Hwan blew a save the other day. He gave up a two run homerun to the Korean AJ Pierzynski. To say this guy had a bad body would be like saying Tall Brian is a little tall, but he put every bit of his 500 lbs. frame into an Oh Seung Hwan pitch and crushed it. Not a fun time to be one of the few White Sox/Lions fans in existence. Next weekend I get to attend games. Yay!

Classes have been fairly tame this week. We had a little celebration on Thursday and Friday for Children's Day(Buddha's Birthday). I gave out candy and took a class or two out for ice cream. I also received a letter and pictures from my mother's students and had each class answer a few questions. The kids broke a window in my school on Friday(In one of the Korean teacher's rooms). Nothing happened. No parents were called, no one was even given a stern talking to. They were allowed to get away with it. I don't even think about the discipline problems any more. I just shrug now.

Saturday was actually Children's Day in Korea. Patrick and I took some of his students to a PC room for a StarCraft battle. We held our own. Patrick is an awesome player and I'm at least competent. Two of the students were a legitimate challenge and the other two had no idea what to do. Numbers were the only thing that got the better of us. That and stupidity by me. We had a crowd watching us for a bit. When I built my first Barracks they started cheering, when I made a mistake one decided to loudly suggest a new course of action. Patrick used his awesome Korean skills to pacify them and get them to shut up. At the end of the day we were about .500 for the afternoon. We didn't embarass ourselves and we gave as good as we got.

I had some shirts handmade for about $40 each this week. They fit like a giant man-glove. Great tailoring. I can't wait to got back at the end of my contract and get some more made.

Top t-shirts seen this week. A girl waking around in a shirt that claimed "I'm Great in Bed" and a boy walking around in a bright pink polo that had the image of a girl putting a boy in a garbage can. The caption read "Dump Him." Awesome.

I saw Spiderman 3 on Friday. Based on reviews, I expected something like 75% action, it was closer to 40%. There was a five minute montage of Peter Parker walking around trying to act "evil." I'm not sure if its bad acting or just purposefully silly. It wasn't quite as bad as Christopher Reeve acting "drunk" in Superman 3, but it was really stupid. My final thoughts on Spidey 3? Venom was awesome, but barely in the movie. The Sandman wasn't as stupid as I thought he would be. The story was actually fairly compelling, but something was missing. I have no idea what, but I left the theatre a little unsatisfied.


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