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Friday, April 06, 2007

I was having dinner with Su-Jin last Saturday at about 8pm when the fever hit. Su-Jin ran to a pharmacy to get some OTC meds, while I hurried home to get into bed. In the morning, I still hadn't improved. In fact I was getting worse. I was able to convince Su-Jin that I was really sick and needed to go to the hospital(It's walking distance from my apartment, if it weren't, I'm not sure I would have gone so quickly). We arrived at the first hospital and I was decidedly out of it. If I didn't have Su-Jin there to tell me where to sit down, I'd probably still be passed out in the middle of the lobby with Koreans stepping over me to get health care. Su-Jin decided that the first hospital was too busy and the doctors were too rude. So, she shoved me in a cab and took me to a "personal" hospital.

We arrived at the "personal" hospital and they took my temperature immeadiately. 39 degrees(102 for those scoring at home). I spoke with a doctor, he took a chest xray and gave me a shot in the ass. I felt better right away. I still called out sick the next day, I needed to get some rest.

Now, I feel like I could pick up a truck. I made two followup visits to the doctor and he's given me a clean bill of health. Su-Jin was instrumental in my recovery. I'd still be curled up in a ball, trying not to die if it weren't for her. The doctor was one of the friendliest people I've ever met. He didn't speak much English, but he didn't make me put up with any bullshit, he kept his hands off my cock and he was really kind to me.

Classes were fairly tame this week. I made one of my monsters cry this week. I don't feel the least bit bad about it. This girl hates my guts and there is no real reason for it. She just wants to scream "Go home!" or "You dirty!" Whatever. Two of the vocab words were "jail" and "join." She had them confused. I attempted to show her that she was mistaken and she flew into hysterics. If you want to act like a brat in my class, I'll probably just laugh at you.

My box of rocks TOEFL student announced this week that he wants to be an English Teacher. I just smiled and nodded.

Actually, a lot of my kids were really high strung this week. A lot of fights, tears and angry students. The most shocking part of this story? I had little to do with any of it. If anything, I was the voice of reason.

After being sick all day Sunday and Monday. I decided it would be a good idea to go to PC room Tuesday at 3am to watch the White Sox. I'm not sure who the guys in pinstripes were, but they were not my White Sox. I've never seen an opening day go that poorly, that quickly. Yikes. It may be a long year.

Vegan Brian left on Sunday. He's now safely back in West Virginia. Patrick and I miss him lots. I missed his farewell party on Saturday, but I was able to catch up with him before he left on Sunday.

We're expecting two new teachers sometime this weekend. One is a 40-something British lady and the other is Andrew's Jamaican girlfriend. It's like they're trying to pick people that I would have no interest in hanging out with.

Jerry is leaving for the US on Tuesday. He's heading home for a month, then coming back for 14 months. Patrick leaves at the end of the month. They better bring in someone who isn't a douchebag or I'm not leaving my room.

I'm going to do a running diary of baseball games this month. I've been flipping around on MLB.TV and I've realized this, there are a lot of awful broadcasters in MLB and everyone needs to know about them. Right now the Angels broadcast team is the most annoying. Rex Hudler and his monkey partner with the hard to pronounce name are making this A's/Angels matchup more painful than it should be. More coming on this...


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