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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Last weekend was great. Was it the greatest weekend in the history of time? No.

Friday was actually fairly tame for me by Korea standards. I took Su-Jin out to dinner and then went back to my apartment to watch a movie. I had to work from 1 to 8:10 on Saturday, so I wanted to take it easy for a night.

Classes were fairly tame. I like working Saturdays because I'm with kids that I never see, so half the class is spent introducing myself. I had one debate class with high school students. These kids were smart enough to understand sarcasm. That class was actually a lot of fun.

I headed back to my apartment and got dressed for the club. We all did our best to look like rock stars. I'll post pics as soon as I get them from Patrick. We pre-gamed on the roof. About 25 people turned up to tag along, including my good buddy Kee-Young.

We made it to Arabian Nights, the largest dance club in Asia, at around 11:30. There were enough of us that we had to buy two rooms. In each room, there were two massive tables and a private singing machine. We had to order a "set" which included 10 beers, a bottle of congac, stuff to mix with and three plates of appetizers.

I was in the second room. My friend, Audrey, brought her boyfriend and his meathead friends. These are guys who earn the reputation that foriegners have here. The night isn't complete until they all make asses out of themselves. They were no different at Arabian Nights. First, they argued at the door while Kee Young was trying to get us inside. Then, they argued with the waiter about the price of the set and finally they broke a couple glasses. These are the type of guys that only tell stories about how cool they are. Complete fucking meatheads.

I was in Patricks' room for most of the night. We drank, we sang, we hit the dance floor and most importantly, we acted like rock stars all night. At one point we had six people wearing sunglasses at the night club. Most people didn't care for Arabian Nights, but I had fun. Vegan Brian had a blast and that was really the most important thing. We wanted to give him a big night of fun before he left the country.

Today has been strange.

First, my shoe became untied and the strap on my bag broke at the same time. I was so shocked by this that I forgot how to tie my shoe. I still can't remember. Then, the place I get my bagel at in the morning was closed and by closed I mean Korean workmen were gutting it. I've had strange mornings in the US, but this is my first in Korea. It's maybe six times worse here than back home, just because everything is a little strange to begin with.


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