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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This is essentially an "everything's fine" update.

Classes are fairly tame(for the crazy monsters at Samduk, at least) and nothing is really all that exciting in Daegu right now.

I'm going on a day trip with Su-Jin and a few of my friends on Sunday. I'd tell you where I'm going, but I can't spell it properly. It's the Korean countryside, it's an hour bus ride outside of Daegu and Su-Jin claims its really, really beautiful. I say, "If you can't pave it, why save it?" We'll see how this trip goes. I'll consider the trip successful if I don't wind up contracting Malaria.

I celebrated my two month anniversary with Su-Jin this weekend. We went to Pizza Hut, then waddled back to my apartment and watched movies. They have an item on the menu here called "rich gold crust." It's sweet potato paste and an extra layer of cheese next to the crust. It's delicious. Every pizza maker in Chicago just threw up a little bit.

Actually, all the fast food here is better. I don't get it. Maybe there are higher quality laws here.

I hung out with Kee Young on Sunday. Good times. Sushi and soju followed by a couple beers at one of the nicer bars in Daegu. Swapping stories, telling each other about our trips and girlfriends. It's always a fun time with Kee Young. He's a great guy and I really hope we stay in touch.

If you want to see a pic or two of him, here's his cyworld account.

I miss baseball. I really miss baseball. The Korean League starts in two weeks. I'm a little excited. Ballgames are ridiculously cheap here. It's about $10 to get in the door and concessions are reasonably priced. They don't draw enough to have ridiculous prices. Opening day will probably just be me and the three other foreigners who miss baseball in Daegu.


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