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Friday, August 01, 2008

Summer camps finished! Now, I'm just relaxing, hanging out and waiting for my flight.

The summer camp at my school couldn't have gone better. The kids had fun, the teachers worked hard and our performances were about as good as could be expected. Mission accomplished! The only headache was the schedule. We were told to show up at 8:50 in the morning for a "Group Meeting." When I see"Group Meeting," I read, "Coffee Break." Apparently "Group Meeting" means "review." I walked into the room at 8:50 and the Korean teacher shoved a book in my face and yelled, "Matthew! Review!" I responded with a "What? Go away? What are you doing? Don't point that at me." I was really surprised. I asked the woman running the camp about this and she swears she told me. I disagree. Whatever.

Camp went well. I showed the kids the new PAINFULLY HOT English room, taught some summer vocab and screened a video of Mr. Bean swimming. That's how you teach English.

1 week until I fly. Woo hoo! Things to do next week. 1. Transfer money into my American account. 2. Go out to dinner with the teachers from my school. 3. Go to Incheon. 4. Pose next to the MacArthur statue. 5. Go home.


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