You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I landed safely in Daegu around 9pm local time. I was greeted by a smiling Su-Jin. She hustled me to a cab, got me in my apartment and then took me to a local restaurant before I slept for 14 hours. She's terrific and I'm happy to be back in Daegu.

Pictures from my "vacation" to the US will be posted shortly.

Highlights from the flight include

¤Sitting in the middle of my row. On one side I had a handicapped guy(really friendly, except he dropped a lot of stuff) and a doctor(reasonably friendly, when he wasn't falling asleep on me). On the way to Chicago, I tried the "Spicy Noodle." It sucked. On the way to Incheon, I tried the chicken. It also sucked. Either way I would have tried both and both were bad.

¤Podcasts are fun. Bill Simmons is terrible. He has a voice meant for an internet column. It sounds like my mom's allergist talking about the greatness of the 07-08 New England Patriots. Stephen A. Smith was Stephen A. Smith. His podcasts are awesome. I also downloaded some Korean lessons. These would actually be okay IF the two hosts didn't try to banter in between dialogues. It's painful to listen to, especially since its crappy hagwon level conversation. Some of the podcasts from DC Comics were fairly entertaining.

¤Thanks to Hassman for getting me the Futurama movie DVD. Great fun. My batteries died before I could get to The Marine. I'll watch it as soon as I get my xbox back from Su-Jin.

¤ Very different feeling this time. My first time I took the trip to Korea, I was nervous. This time. Strangely confident. My only regret was that I packed my cigarettes in my suitcase instead of taking them with me. I needed a smoke in Seoul.

¤I watched Resident Evil: Extinction on the plane. Painfully awful. There's a sequence in which the group of heroes discovers a box in post-apocalypse Las Vegas. It's about the size of the back of a container truck. There are about a thousand zombies inside and it's obviously empty for at least five feet, so they're not packed in there. It was like a clown car. The monster at the end wasn't quite as bad as the monster at the end of the 2nd film, but he was still pretty lame.

I also watched The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford. It sucked. It was just a very slow paced, dull movie. Half the movies is guys watching other guys sleep and occasionally shooting them. Brad Pitt was a highlight as Jesse, but he couldn't help this turkey. Just a dull, subliminally gay film. 3:10 to Yuma is still the best movie I watched on the plane. Perfect for a long flight. It makes two hours fly by.


Anonymous leaf said...

Glad you made it back safely broham!

The turkey superbowl extravaganza was above and beyond greatness. To get to watch a great game among good friends, eating fantastic food was a sublime experience and a nice memory to hang on to.

Zwirb and I just watched the Jesse James movie last night as well! I had high hopes for it - but yeah...I'm sure there were a lot of great subtextual things going on that would require one to watch the movie repeatedly, but it was just too dang slow. The acting was sawlid though. Otherwise I give this one two arms crossed.

I'm pretty sure zwirb liked it though. He can sit through anything.

Kotch's bachelor party extravaganza was nice. The hotel room was freakin sweet. Sharing a bed with sellers wasn't too bad because I made a fort out of pillows to keep his clingy arms and legs out - he's a cuddler at night.

back to work......

9:23 AM  
Anonymous zardoz said...

The super bowl party was good. I've had better, but not many. Assasination was okay, I agree it was a bit long, but Afflecks and Pitts performances in it were quite impressive, but it could have easily trimmed 30-40 minutes, get to the assassination quicker, I found the stuff after the assassination much more interesting then leading up to it.

8:12 AM  

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